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Make your decisions and boost your biz dev through actionable intelligence
A few questions to ask yourself about your B2B operations… 

Is your current system for collecting critical data on targeted companies (potential clients) fulfilling your expectations ?

Do you have a team dedicated to entering and enriching data essential to running your business?

Do you have a system in place to strategically and efficiently monitor your competitors, your industry, your potential and current clients ?

Do you have ressources internally to perform primary and secondary research?

Do you have a team of specialists to build your targeted prospecting lists ? 

If you answered “NO” to any of the questions above, send us an email by clicking on the button below to discover how B2B Intelligence can help you with—wait for it—your B2B business intelligence.


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    Building targeted prospecting lists 

    How to target the right company (which industries)? What are the indicators that indicate which businesses you should target (funding rounds, hiring, new product, growth, etc.)? Who are the relevant contacts within their companies (IT, VP Finance, C-Suite)? How many hours will we spend finding this information (many, many, too many).  

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    Creation and implementation of business development strategies 

    Define your goals and then let us determine the means to get there and how to execute your strategy and reach your objectives.   

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    Research & Analysis 

    Whether it's a profile for a company or an executive, or you need someone to conduct strategic interviews, draft an industry report, B2B Intelligence offers a decade of experience providing in depth research in preparation to key meetings by business development professionals as well as performing research for M&A in the fields of IT, entertainment, metallurgy, market research! Be prepared with the right information and close more deals. 

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    Strategic and Competitive Intelligence 

    How can you know where you stand in your industry without keeping an eye on your competitors, be on the lookout for developments in your sector (M&A, new technologies, new trends) and stay informed of the movements of potential customers to position yourself advantageously?

    You need strategic and competitive intelligence to ensure you stay ahead. We can build that for you. 

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    Data gathering, input and enrichment 

    "Data is the new oil" - The Economist.

    Enough said, or almost. Do you have multiple datasets on different Excel spreadsheets lying around with sparse data or a CRM that is either barely used or not used properly with incomplete data that is hampering your operations? Most SMEs and large corporations do. Time to put in a Data strategy. 

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    Optimization of sales operations 

    When did you audit your sales processes for the last time? What tools are your agents using and how does that affect the efficiency of your sales operations?  

    The processes, tools and techniques of today’s sales teams must be modernized and optimized. Time to upgrade your sales processes. 

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