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Leveraging AI Marketing for B2B Intelligence
April 1, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by B2B Intelligence
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Are you concerned about the state of your business intelligence department? Wondering how you can leverage AI marketing to convert more prospects into returning customers? Here are some ways AI marketing can help.

Artificial intelligence, commonly called AI, is used in a number of ways and is now offering unique insights for developing a business and predicting trends. Now it is easier than ever before to compile information, and to use it across the board to gain customers by figuring out what they want based on a number of factors.

AI has become a friendly tool for marketers to use, especially in terms of B2B prospecting. A wide range of AI marketing technologies and platforms are now being used to change the way B2B marketers work.

Delivering Content

AI marketing is allowing content to be delivered in a way that stands out and gets the attention of potential customers. Getting the right content to businesses is extremely important, especially with all the competition that exists today. Your content needs to be seen, and in order to make that happen, it must be delivered through a number of mediums.

AI marketing can ensure that mass delivery you need by scanning your entire website, then categorize and organize the content there so the right emails, offers, web pages, and social media posts reach each buyer each time an interaction takes place. This is content targeting at its best, in a truly interactive way. You create the content and let AI marketing do all the rest.

Use AI Marketing Through Social Media

Social media already contains plenty of AI marketing tools right at your fingertips. Facebook ads, for example, use a tool called Lookalike Audience that utilizes first-party data to help find more potential leads who share similarities with your current customers. You have the ability to create custom audiences in order to expand the impact of your marketing efforts simply using behavioral data.

Do You Google?

Google is one of the most commonly used tools online, and most of us access the search engine every day. It is no surprise, then, that Google uses AI in important ways to improve the effectiveness of their ads. They receive up to 3.5 billion searches each day, and their RankBrain system is really establishing itself as a market leader in terms of AI implementation. In short, RankBrain is the machine learning program Google uses to determine what results should be ranked in an organic search and where they should appear.

You can leverage RankBrain for the marketing of your business by learning the best ways to use it. Adapting to this system will give you a distinct advantage, since at least 90 percent of businesses use Google to conduct searches on a regular basis. This makes it a very powerful AI marketing tool for any B2B intelligence solution, so should most definitely not be ignored.

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